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In honor of our 25th anniversary celebration, we are relaunching some of the stunning artwork we’ve proudly printed over the years Ian Miller’s style is immediately recognizable on Gaial, an artwork first featured on our Matte Art sleeves Now launched as a Dual Matte sleeve, they combine our Dual Matte texture and interior with the visual quality of our Art sleeves Dual Matte sleeves are fully opaque and have a black interior that creates a dramatic background for your TCG cards The matte, textured back allows for a superior shuffle feel All designs for our Art sleeves are printed directly onto the sleeve and do not peel or split They are a great fit for our ultra-protective outer sleeves Each cardboard box contains 100 sleeves and can be used to store 75+ single-sleeved cards, or 65+ double-sleeved cards Personalize your boxes using the label field on the top

Größe7 × 9 × 5 cm

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Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren. Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile.